Referral Program

IT Managed Services

Refer a company to TechWise IT and earn a reward when they become a client!


TechWise IT is pleased to introduce a brand-new Client Referral Program. We are fortunate to have our current partnerships and welcome the opportunity to support additional clients in need of ProActive IT, our comprehensive managed service offering.

Here’s how the Referral Program works:

Make an Introduction via Email

Make an introduction via email to a referral interested in our ProActive IT Managed services. Please CC: referrals@techwiseit.com

Receive $100

For each company you refer to us that qualifies for our ProActive IT Manages Services and signs up, we will apply a $100 credit to your account!

Receive an Additional Savings Credit

For each company that you refer to us that signs up for our ProActive IT Managed Services, we will apply a credit to your account equal to the company’s monthly fee.

Both business owners and employees are eligible to participate. If you have any questions about the program or the types of companies and industries TechWise IT supports, please send an email to referrals@techwiseit.com

Positive word of mouth and referrals from satisfied partners is key to our continued growth. We appreciate your help in spreading the word.

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