About Us

About Us

LAN Solutions was started in 1993 by Stephen Jordan to sell and support file servers, networking equipment and the computers that access those servers to a small number of businesses in West Texas. Now in our 3rd decade, we currently have five full-time and one part-time employees in addition to Stephen and support well over one hundred networks.


If you were to ask Stephen what LAN Solutions is, his response would be an IT Department for companies that can’t justify the expense of hiring their own IT staff or that don’t want to limit themselves to the expertise of their own employees. With Stephen working as the IT Manager, the help of a System Administrator, a Help Desk Technician, and a number of Field Technicians, along with the help of our administrative employees to keep us all organized, LAN Solutions provides hundreds of hours each month to companies to service their IT needs.


Historically LAN Solutions has operated on a pay as you go or on an as needed basis for our clients, but this has led to far too many inconsistencies and variations across our client’s sites that limit our ability to provide the level of support we know our clients need and that we want to provide. Starting in early 2016 LAN Solutions began offering three flat-rate managed services that we call ProActive IT, with Bronze, Silver and Gold Plans. For more information on managed services please click here.


In 2016 LAN Solutions began doing business as TechWise IT to have a name that better reflects the changes in our business and in the IT Industry as a whole, and to focus on managed services to allow us to truly become your IT Department. Though our corporate name will remain LAN Solutions, Inc., we hope that you will like our new name and please know that we will continue to bring trusted IT support to your business or organization.

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